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So much is happening at the Elsie Scherle Gallery! Touring and local exhibitions, music and fellowship, presentations and programs galore! Take some time to tour around and check what's coming up next!

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Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

Monique Martin: Continuous


Monique Martin:  Continuous 

March 31 - April 18


Continuous is a multi-sensory art installation by Monique Martin  augmented by the scent of beeswax and the sound of buzzing bees that  comments on the steady decline in honeybee populations and the  devastating effects of their collapsed colonies. Through  ceiling-suspended panels and a participatory hive wall, the artist  creates an interactive experience where visitors are immersed in a  “live” beehive.

Martin seeks to illustrate the delicate nature of what happens in a  hive as it relates to the interactions of humans: The more we are  involved, the more the bees suffer.

A multi-disciplinary artist  and art educator, Monique has exhibited her printmaking, paintings,  sculptures, installations and book works in solo, invited and juried  group exhibitions in eight countries. Her works are held in more than  twenty-five public and private collections internationally. 

When the Trees Crackle with Cold: PISIMWASINAHIKAN


When the Trees Crackle with Cold:  PISIMWASINAHIKAN

April 4 - May 12

Miriam Korner and Bernice Johnson-Laxdal have collaborated to bring us a series of water colour paintings depicting the Cree moon calendar through Johnson-Laxdal's childhood memories.  The original paintings that were printed in a children's book of the same title make up this fascinating exhibition.  Touring with OSAC's Art on the Move program.


Youth and Children's Art Exhibition


Youth and Children's Art Exhibition

April 23 - May 26

Showcasing the work created over the past year by our communities' budding artists.  The LMLCC's Youth Multimedia Art Program is in its 10th year, and the Children's Multimedia Art Program is in its 7th year!  These classes allow the children to experiment with many different art mediums, including paint, clay, fibre, animation, and more!