Elsie Scherle Gallery

So much is happening at the Elsie Scherle Gallery! Touring and local exhibitions, music and fellowship, presentations and programs galore! Take some time to tour around and check what's coming up next!

Elsie Scherle Biography

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

Madhu Kumar

August 9 to September 30

The Stories of Immigrant Women is a thought-provoking and beautiful show featuring large scale painted portraits of women who have left everything behind to start a new life in Canada. Accompanying the portraits are their stories, which are raw, honest, and contain a message of hope and resiliency.

Susan Schaefer


September 7 to October 21

From the Prairies to the West Coast features a selection of works by Saskatchewan-turned-Vancouver Island Artist Susan Schaefer.

Sarah Cummings Truszowski

October 6 to December 2

Nevertheless, she persisted is a new series of mixed media work by Sarah Cummings Truszkowski. It includes excerpts of feminist and socially progressive text as well as some childhood lyrics and poetry. The text sits alongside painted roses, petals, and wallpaper patterns – things that have always been a special part of Sarah’s life.


December 7 to January 27 A selection of works from the Sasktchewan Arts Board’s Permanent Collection, co curated by Kristin Teetaert and Leah Garven (Chapell Gallery), in celebration of the Arts Board’s 70th anniversary. This exhibition explores landscape in the conventional and unconventional sense, and features paintings, ceramic and textile work by many well-known Saskatchewan Artists.