Elsie Scherle Gallery

So much is happening at the Elsie Scherle Gallery! Touring and local exhibitions, music and fellowship, presentations and programs galore! Take some time to tour around and check what's coming up next!

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Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

Madhu Kumar and Lin Liu: the Beautiful Mind


May 30 - June 23/19

 This collaborative work combines our life experiences of finding inner peace through our meditation practices and the Eastern cultural symbols of kindness and compassion. Through our art making process we find the beautiful mind, the mind that brings us tranquility, peace and gratitude. We hope to bring the peaceful and positive energy through our works to the audience.     

Cate Francis Paper Wildlife Conservancy


June 1 - July 21/19

 Cate Francis has created a parody organization titled the Paper Wildlife Conservancy or PWC.  Featuring a series of illustrative prints and collages, the project examines cohabitation with wildlife on the prairies, and is interested in highlighting the role that wildlife plays in defining a sense of place and time. ”