History of Last Mountain Lake Cultural Centre


It all started with a DREAM. The Last Mountain Lake Cultural Centre`s legacy is a direct result made possible through the Arts and Crafts association of Regina Beach and the former Artists in Residence Jennifer McRorie and Ward Schell. A group of passionate people about the arts and culture, and the desire to make this readily available in our communities, united to pursue their visions to create a culture centre which would one day be a `Hub`of cultural activity. 

And it happened, the DREAM became a  REALITY. An old abandoned school from Serath, Saskatchewan was acquired and moved to our town of Regina Beach. This was all made possible due to the amazing public support which back then included donations (monetary and In-kind), and thousands of hours of volunteer time to the restoration of the old Serath school. 

In June of 2002, the Last Mountain Lake Cultural Centre Inc. opened its doors to the public and began its operations. Housed inside the Last Mountain Lake Cultural Centre are two art galleries (the Elsie Scherle Art Gallery), two workshop/classroom spaces, a regional library, and studio spaces. The creation of an artistic facility was complete. And this facility is truly a GEM in our community!


We now have an active cultural centre that:

  • Attracts artists from all over the province
  • Provides artistic and cultural programs free to our communities
  • Offers a wide range of art courses and workshops throughout the year
  • Attracts singer/songwriters in the province and offers in-house gallery concerts
  • Showcases a diverse range of artworks in our two galleries from local and provincial artists